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  • Flea Adulticide + IGR (Pyriproxyfen, Tetramethrin, Phenothrin)

    Flea Adulticide + IGR (Pyriproxyfen, Tetramethrin, Phenothrin)

    AEROTHOR Flea Adulticide+IGR contains a unique combination of three highly active insecticide compounds including a flea growth regulator, a knockdown synthetic pyrethroid and a longer acting synthetic pyrethroid. This powerful combination kills adult fleas as well as flea larvae and eggs...


  • Maxxthor SC (Bifenthrin)

    Maxxthor SC (Bifenthrin)

    To control structural pests (including termites) indoors and outdoors in and around residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public structures and buildings in new and existing construction.  To control pests of lawns and ornamental plants in lawns, parks, grounds,...


  • Maxxthor SG (Bifenthrin)

    Maxxthor SG (Bifenthrin)

    For control of insect pests on lawns and other ornamental turf areas, landscapes, bedding areas, flowerbeds, ground covers, grounds, athletic fields, parks and recreational areas and around the perimeters of residential, commercial and institutional buildings.



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