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  • Abathor Gel Bait (Abamectin)

    Abathor Gel Bait (Abamectin)

    ABATHOR Gel Bait controls Cockroaches and is for use in and around Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings including Apartments, Garages, Food Storage Areas, Homes, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Hotels, Meat Packing and Food Processing Plants, Motels, Restaurants, Schools,...


  • Abathor Granular Ant Bait (Abamectin)

    Abathor Granular Ant Bait (Abamectin)

    Abathor Granular Ant Bait contains the highly effective active ingredient abamectin mixed with a specially formulated blend of ant foods and attractants.  Designed to attract a wide variety of ants, Abathor Granular Ant Bait controls a large number of ant species.  Foraging ants find...


  • Abathor Fire Ant Bait (Abamectin)

    Abathor Fire Ant Bait (Abamectin)

    Use to Control Fire Ants (including imported) on Turf, Lawns, and Other Non-Crop Areas such as Parks and Golf Courses and Indoors In Homes and the Non-Food/Feed Areas of Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Hotels, Food Storage Areas, Inedible Product Areas of Meat Packing Plants, Motels,...


  • Accuthor Gel Gun

    Accuthor Gel Gun

    No gel bait applicator on the market has a smoother look and feel than the Accuthor Gel Gun.  This precision crafted and highly polished stainless steel instrument has the absolute look and feel of a professional at work.


  • Abathor Gel Gun

    Abathor Gel Gun

    The OPTIONAL Abathor Gel Gun is an economic. convenient, and accurate way to apply Thor's gel-based products.



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